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Chillies - mixture 100g

Chillies  -mixture
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Country of Origin: Holland                                                             Weight: 100g


A mix of red and green chillies

Facts: Chillies originated in the Americas - in fact Christopher Columbus was one of the first people to come across them and it was he who called them "peppers" due to their hot spicy taste. They are now widely used in many recipes and can be used fresh or can be dried.

Storage: Best stored in the fridge.

Preparation & Cooking:   Probably better to use gloves when chopping chillies, as they can sting, burn and irritate the skin.  Do not touch your eyes whilst preparing chillies, or immediately after as they will hurt - trust me!! Rinse the chillies then pat dry.  Cut in half and remove the stems and seeds and discard, then either slice or dice.  Once you have finished, remove and discard your gloves then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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