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Courgettes 500g

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Country of Origin: UK                    Weight: 500g

Facts:  It is actually a fruit but is treated as a vegetable and is usually cooked  as a savoury dish or accompaniment. Courgette is the French name but the word "zucchini" is the Italian name for the plant, which is why it is the more common name in Italy but also  USA, Australia and Germany.

 Best kept in the fridge.

Preparation & Cooking:   Wash before use.  Top and tail, then chop as required - no need to peel. Courgettes can be boiled, steamed, sauted, grilled, stuffed and baked, barbequed, fried or used in other recipes, for example souffles.  Be careful if boiling courgettes though as they may become mushy and lose some of their flavour.  They can also be eaten raw.

Recipe Ideas: (open an external site in a new window)

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