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Celery is used around the world as a vegetable, either for its leaf or fleshy root. In some countries celery is also grown for its seeds. These seeds produce an oil which used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries (you learn something new everyday!)


Allergen: Celery can induce allergic reactions

Keep in the fridge.  Once removed from the fridge, celery does wilt quickly.  To revitalise it, sprinkle it with water and place it back in the fridge where it will regain its crispness.

Preparation & Cooking:   Cut off the base and leaves then wash under a running tap.  Celery can then be chopped to the size desired.  Leaves can be used in salads.  Celery is also often used in soups to flavour them, and stews. 

Recipe Ideas: (open an external site in a new window)

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