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Country of origin:   South Africa                                         Weight:   Each

The word "lemon" is believed to have derived from words in the Asian language meaning "sour" or "sour fruit".  Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing lemons to the Western Hemisphere on his second voyage.  Lemon juice has many uses - it can remove odours from hands, pots and pans by rubbing with a cut lemon prior to washing.  It can also on apples and avocados to prevent them browning once sliced.

Storage: Keep at room temperature.

Preparation and cooking: Rinse before use.  To get the most juice out of a lemon, roll it on a hard surface whilst pressing down on it before use.  The zest can be used in baking, and the juice can be used on pancakes, in cooking with fish, on salads, in juices, desserts and of course home-made lemonade!

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