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Garlic - Bulb

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Country of origin:  Spain                                                 Weight: Bulb

Facts:Garlic was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, chewed by Greek Olympian atheletes and thought to be essential for keeping vampires at bay! But it is also good for zapping bacteria, keeping your heart healthy, warding off coughs and colds!

Storage: Kept in an open container in a cool, dry place,  unbroken garlic bulbs will last for a couple of weeks. Separated cloves will keep for around 10 days.

Preparation and cooking: Using your fingers, divide the whole bulb into individual cloves - if you don't want to use the whole bulb, just pull away the number of cloves you need and leave the rest of the bulb intact, as it will last longer that way. For crushed garlic, either use a garlic press (you don't have to remove the skin) or lay the blade of a large knife on top of the clove and press it down hard with the heel of your hand. Then remove the skin. If you'd like to break it down even further, sprinkle with some salt and crush it again.

Use garlic raw in dressings, salsas and butters; roast whole bulbs (approx 25 minutes) to serve with roast meat; fry (slowly, for just a couple of minutes) to use as the base for sauces, casseroles and soups.

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