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Ginger 200g

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Country of origin:      China                                                     Weight:  200g
  Native to India and China, ginger is used for many culinary and medicinal purposes.  It can be dated back to the writings of Confucius, and in the 9th century, powdered ginger was placed on the table alongside salt and pepper.  Queen Elizabeth I is credited with inventing the first gingerbread man! It is believed to have many health benefits, including reducing arthritic joint pain, lowering cholesterol, thinning blood, as a treatment for stomach cramping and diarrhoea, sea sickness and morning sickness.  Ginger tea is also a common remedy for colds.

Store in the fridge, wrapped in paper towels in a plastic bag.

Preparation and cooking:  Peel, then mince, shred, crush or slice as required in your recipe.

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