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Country of origin:            UK                                                Weight:  50g

Facts:Marjoram is a highly aromatic herb.  Its leaves can be used fresh or dried and stored over winter and used then.  The Egyptians used marjoram (along with other spices) in the embalming process.  This was to appease the gods!. Marjoram supposedly symbolises happiness, which is why if it is found growing on a grave it is said that the departed will enjoy a happy afterlife!

Storage: Best kept in the fridge.

Preparation and cooking: Rinse before use. Fresh leaves can be added to salads or chopped up and used in herb butter or egg dishes.  It is also lovely with a cold roast meat sandwich.  It is also used in soups and stuffing for poultry.  If you are adding it to cooked meals, add it near the end of the cooking time.  It is great with meat dishes, but can also be used to season vegetables.

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