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Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers
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Sweet Peppers


Country of origin: Holland                                       Weight: each


Facts: Peppers were native to Mexico and Central and South America, but in 1493 pepper seeds were carried to Spain and from there spread to many other countries.  Mexico is still one of the main pepper producers of the world. Peppers are generally green, red, yellow or orange in colour, depending on when they are harvested.

Keep in the salad drawer of the fridge.

Preparation and cooking: Wash before use.  Cut the top off the pepper, then remove the seeds and the stem and use whole (for stuffing) or sliced.  Peppers can be eaten raw with salads, or can be used in stir-frys, casseroles or omelettes.  They can also be stuffed with rice, goats cheese, meat or other ingredients and baked in the oven.

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