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Local Produce

As well sourcing the best produce from the famous Covent Garden Market we also work with some of the best local growers and producers including :

Eastfield Farm, Chidham  - Potatoes, tundra cabbage, savoy cabbage, beetroot and purple sprouting broccoli.

Buddington Farm, Midhurst  - Potatoes

Slade Farm, Rogate - Potatoes

Durleighmarsh Farm  - Asparagus 

Hairspring Watercress  - Watercress

Blackmoor Apple Farm  - Braeburns, Royal Gala, Cox apples and more.

Langmead Farms, Chichester - Salad crops including Little Gem, Cos and Iceberg lettuce

Southdean Farm, Froxfield
  - Free range eggs.

   Dwayne Bartram - Perfect Pickles
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