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Broccoli - Purple Sprouting 500g

Purple Sprouting Broccoli
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Country of origin: UK                                                              
Weight: 500g

  Purple Sprouting Broccoli was originally grown by the Romans and has become much more popular over the last 30 years.  It has great health benefits - it contains sulphoraphane which is thought to help prevent cancer and could also provide resistance against osteoporosis, heart disease  and diabetes.  It contains lots of vitamin C along with iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin A, fibre and catetenoids.

Keep in the bottom drawer of your fridge for up to 3 days.

Preparation & Cooking:   Wash before use and discard any tough leaves. Split any thicker stalks half way up so that they cook at the same time as the heads of broccoli.  The tender leaves are also very tasty and do not need to be removed. Steam, stir-fry or boil in a small amount of water.

Recipe Ideas: (open an external site in a new window)

Purple sprouting broccoli with garlic & sesame

Purple sprouting broccoli with prosciutto & duck egg

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