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Seville Oranges 2kg

Seville oranges
£ 3.99


Country of origin:        Spain                                                  Weight: 2kg

Facts:  Grab  Seville oranges while you can, because their season is short. These highly aromatic, bumpy-skinned oranges originated in China and India over  3,000 years ago. Their Indian name is "narayam", which means "perfume within". They were brought to Europe by wealthy Arab traders and groves of them were planted in Andalucia around Seville, hence where their name comes from!

Best stored in a cool place, or even the fridge. They can even be frozen

Preparation and cooking: As well as marmalade  the juice can be used as a  replacement for lemon or lime juice in marinades and dressings. Don't waste the peel – pare strips of zest from the flesh, thread together and hang in a dry place. Add a strip to bouquet garni to lend depth of flavour to  a rich beef stew..

Recipe: The original, and classic, English marmalade, as made famous by Paddington Bear!!!!

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