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Medjool Dates - 250g

Medjool Dates
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Country of origin:   Jordan                                                  Weight:  250g

Facts:The medjool date fruit is also know as the “Mujhoolah” and whilst being from Morocco is also grown in other countries such as the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestinian territories and Israel amongst others. It is also sometime known as the “king of dates”.

Store in tightly closed containers in the freezer or refrigerator. When stored frozen, in an airtight container, dates can retain their quality for up to one year.

Preparation and cooking:Dates are delicious when eaten fresh or added to muffins, cookies, and salads. Dip them in chocolate or roll them in coconut for a classic dessert. Use them for hor d'oeuvres by spreading cream cheese or peanut butter. (Editor note Not too sure about the peanut butter option!)

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