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Cranberries 350g

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Country of origin:USA                                         Weight:  350g

Facts:Cranberries are a  deep-red, tart  winter berryare of a low, scrubby, woody bog plant.  The majority of the world's cranberries are now cultivated, mainly in Canada and North America. Cranberries are "wet harvested." This is done by flooding the bog with water so the berries float to the surface

One of the remarkable properties of fresh cranberries is their ability to keep for months on end in a cool place. This is because they contain large amounts of benzoic acid, which is a natural preservative.  Make a good pub quiz question that!

Preparation and cooking: A useful thing to remember when cooking cranberries is that sugar toughens their skins, so it's best to cook them until tender and then add sugar to taste.

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