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Fresh fruit & vegetables delivered to your door

Medium Mixed Fruit & Veg Box

£ 16.00


A selection of fresh fruit and vegetables -  suitable for families of four

What's in the box? Week commencing  Monday 22nd January

English January King Cabbage

Italian Bunched Carrots

Local Chidham Desiree Potatoes Local Chidham Raw Beetroot
English Swede

English Red Onions

Panama Bananas French Granny Smith Apples
Ivory Coast Pineapple

Moroccan Nardacots

Spanish Large Oranges

South African Apricots
USA Sweet Potato

Local Southbourne Red Lettuce

Spanish Celery Moroccan Tomatoes
Spanish Lemons  


Please note that from time-to-time we will need to substitute the occasional item due to quality/availability issues.


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