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Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit
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Country of origin:    Kenya                                                 Weight:    Each

   A tropical fruit about the size of an egg, the passion fruit has a brittle outer shell and contains crunchy seeds surrounded by highly flavoured, slightly sour, yellow juicy pulp. The shell can be purple or yellow in colour, and is inedible.


Storage:  At room temperature.

Preparation and cooking:  Do not use the shell - it is inedible.  The seeds an pulp can be used in pavlovas, fruit salads, etc..  Only a small amount is needed due to the intense flavour.  The seeds and pulp can also be made into a juice or sauce but the juice can be quite thick and gloopy - it is easier to strain if the pulp and seeds are firstly gently warmed with a little sugar.  Also good in jellies, mousses and drinks.

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