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Pears for Juicing 5kg

Pears for Juicing
£ 7.40

  Weight: 5kg                                                                            Delivered in one of our strong paper sacks

Mmmmm freash pear juice is really delicious.  What you will notice is that freshly squeezed pear juice is a lot thicker that other juices. If you don't enjoy a thicker juice you can always dilute it with a bit of water (we love adding sparkling mineral water to ours for a really delicious drink)

We'll send to you in a strong paper sack a selection of pears for you to juice.  Remember pears ripen from the inside out and are ripe when it yields to gentle thumb pressure near the base of the stem.   Also, the juice will be clearer from pears that have been stored in the fridge!

Pears will be a mixture of Williams and Conference
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